Toughening up For Marathon Walks

Toughening up For Marathon WalksOnce a walker has tested themselves and built up enough strength, they may want to take walking up a notch to further test themselves in the marathons. These are fun places to meet other likeminded people and test their endurance. Before a walker should try out any marathon though, they should train themselves so that they are able to endure the strenuous marathon. This is how a walker should train themselves.

Put in the Time

While walking may be looked at as a pretty easy activity, when done in a competitive arena, it can be a daunting task. Completing a 24 kilometers stretch may not look like much when said but when one tries it for the first time without any training; they will realize it’s easier said than done. When one is planning for a marathon they should start as early as 6 months in advance so that the body gets used to the challenge. One should train with the end goal in mind so the first step is to know which marathon they are going to participate in and the challenge that is expected. They should then aim to complete at least a third of the distance expected at regular intervals of their training.

Test Every Equipment

Most marathons require a walker to have a backpack with their supplies. This is because it is usually a trek which stretches for more than a day. This means that they will be weighed down during the walk. It is important to get used to walking around with a backpack so that they can get used to the weight over a longer distance. A walker should also test clothes by wearing them every time they are walking. They should also test other equipments they intend to use during the marathon during their training walks.

Keep a Good Diet

Another important aspect of training includes keeping a balanced diet that will strengthen and nourish the body. This includes getting the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and fats.

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