The Psychological Benefits of Walking

The Psychological Benefits of WalkingThere is something special and unique about the outdoors that can never be found inside any closed space. It is the free nature of the atmosphere that gives an individual new boost and a spring in their step. The outdoors offers an individual inner rejuvenation when they walk. It has a number of benefits which will be discussed in this article.

Release of Feel Good Endorphins

Walking as an activity is like any other form of exercise, except it is gentler in its approach, and as such benefits the mind by releasing feel good endorphins. These make an individual happy and relaxed, helping them handle depressing situations better. Walking and other forms of working out have been seen as being able to replace anti-depressant medication when done right.

Building Self Esteem

One of the problems that many people face is how they feel about themselves. It can demoralize one and lead to lower self-esteem. When feel good endorphins are released in the body, they boost one’s self esteem, enabling them to see themselves in a better light. This is beneficial to how one carries and presents themselves, helping them have more confidence in what they do.

Igniting Creativity

Walking has a way of working on one’s mind to refresh it and gives them a fresh and new perspective. When the body is charged by walking and interaction with nature, it is in a position to get inspired which is otherwise not possible.

Sparking Brain Health

Studies have revealed that working out has the benefit of causing the brain to produce new cells, which is referred to as neurogenesis. This is not the only benefit as physical activity has been known to increase levels of certain protein partly responsible for precise decision making and greater capability to think.

Benefit Memory Health

Walking has also been known to boost the production of brain cells responsible for memory. This means that the more a person works out the better their memory will develop and be in good health. The benefit of this is in fighting cognitive decline for adults above 45 years.

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