The Physical Benefits of Walking

The Physical Benefits of WalkingWalking has been the ideal and most affordable way of transportation since the beginning of time. With the development of technology came the growth of white collar jobs and motorized transportation. This has its own immense benefits but also does an injustice to the human body which was made to be active. As such obesity, high cholesterol levels, weak hearts and poor circulatory systems have been a norm for a large part of the population. Walking has been proven to aid the human body to stay healthy and fit. These are the various ways it benefits the body.

Controlling Body Weight

Walking is such an easy exercise that requires very little effort. As such it does not look like an individual is doing much when he is walking. Brisk walking does, however, contribute towards in burning body fat and building muscle mass. Done for around an hour, you will be able to burn up to 500 calories, helping to maintain an ideal body weight.

Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol levels are another area that benefits from walking as it helps to produce enzymes that are actively involved in the elimination of bad cholesterol from the blood stream. Walking also encourages good blood circulation that helps in the elimination of the bad cholesterol among other toxins. It also helps in the distribution of oxygenated blood, making one feel more energetic.

Strengthening the Heart

The heart is a powerful muscle that needs constant working out in order to keep it in good health. By walking briskly, one is able to raise their heart rate thereby increasing the circulation of the blood. With increased circulation, the heart is forced to work harder for the time period, thereby strengthening it.

Strengthening Joints

Joints greatly benefit from the gentle exercise of walking. When dealing with conditions such as arthritis, joint pain is a part of living with them. This pain can, however, be eliminated by walking five times a week. Walking begins by warming up the joints and increasing circulation within them. Continual walking then strengthens the joints and develops the bones, making them stronger.

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