Building up Strength by Walking

Building up Strength by WalkingSometimes a person can undergo a physically traumatizing episode like an accident or breakup. During these times, they are taken through physiotherapy to help them recover more quickly. One of the exercises that is highly encouraged to undertake is walking around. This is because it is a highly beneficial exercise for the body. It is not just an exercise advised for individuals, but for those who have a sedentary life, and wish to get healthy and active as well as anyone who just wants to unwind from a long day. Here is a walking plan that will ensure that a walker gets better and stronger with time.

Start Small

When one begins walking, it is easy to feel that they can walk 10 kilometers on the first day. Walking like any other activity requires some getting used to. It is advised to start small and build up gradually. This means that starting out walking for 10 minutes or a kilometer is just fine if you haven’t done any physical activity for a while or are recovering. This can be done for a few days till the calves start developing and the soles have started hardening adequately.

Scale Up Gradually

Once the body has started adjusting to the kilometer one walks, they should work on keeping a steady pace that they are comfortable with. It should however not be a stroll but fast enough to help the body burn fat and build muscle. A gradual increase in pace and distance is highly encouraged as the body adjusts to the exercise.

Scale Strongman Heights

As the body gets used to the distance and an increased walking pace, the walker may feel the urge to take on greater challenges. Having begun walking on flat and comfortable terrain, the walker may then start walking in hilly terrains that is more challenging for the body. This may then translate to hikes, treks, and even walking holidays.

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